Union at the Grove: Introducing “Ashe”

JEMA’s design for six separate residential multi-family buildings in the Grove is beginning construction. The project, called Union At The Grove, is unprecedented for the area and seeks to further transform one of St. Louis’ most vibrant communities. In this post, we feature Ashe, building 1 of 6. Ashe is a 22 unit modern rowhome.

“This project is a first of its kind in the city of St. Louis. It’s revolutionary.” – Abdul-Kaba Abdullah, Executive Director of Park Central Development

“As we focus on inclusive economic growth for our region, the project sends a strong signal about what is being done to begin a resurgence in the central city in St. Louis,” said Valerie Patton, chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer of Greater St. Louis Inc. “By developing housing with attainable rents in a location that helps connect people with jobs and career opportunities, we are showing what transformative, inclusive growth can look like.

The development is poised to be a differentiator — with some saying it could even be transformational and a model for the region — due to Green Street’s efforts to keep existing residents in the neighborhood while leveraging its development experience and relationships with lenders to build a project with similar amenities as luxury apartments.” – St. Louis Business Journal


View of Union At The Grove looking north – 6 new multi-family buildings within a 3 block area.
View of Union At The Grove looking south – how can 6 new buildings transform a 25 block area of St. Louis?
Ashe: a modern rowhome featuring 18 units.
Ashe: each unit has its own backyard and front garden.
Ashe: 3 types of masonry, 2 types of wood and hot-rolled steel comprises the material palette.