Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center Nears Completion

JEMA’s design for the new early childhood learning center, Good Shepherd, is under construction and taking shape. The 12,500 sq. ft. facility is located at the intersection of Page Blvd and Hodiamont Avenue in north St. Louis city.

The Good Shepherd Early Learning Center is part of the Foundation for Strengthening Families (FSF), a non-for-profit that seeks to create stronger families through a unique early childhood educational philosophy: re-connecting children to nature. FSF believes that children can learn and grow best in a setting surrounded and embedded in nature. The new center is forging a new paradigm for childhood development that is actually centuries old: children should be outside and when they aren’t outside, then bring the outdoors inside. Nature, whether one is inside or outside, is a constant presence.

View looking East along Page Avenue
View looking southwest from Page Avenue.