JEMA’s Coderspace for LaunchCode

JEMA’s design for the renovation of LaunchCode’s headquarters is approved and moving forward. JEMA has created a new concept for the space, called a CODERSCAPE. In the Coderscape, every space is a place. The architecture is a surface upon which to code.

One of the very few ancient technologies that remarkably still endures in its original form: plywood. A technology developed and used by the Ancient Egyptians.
LaunchCode class underway
Plywood fins create a semi-transparent screen that connects the Tech Center with the Coderscape

The process of making plywood via cross-graining is depicted on a carving in Thebes. The Egyptians used plywood to make furniture, tomb cases, stools, tables, and so on. The Egyptians also practiced veneering, as evident in pictorials and murals unearthed.

Legend has it that Cleopatra presented Julius Caesar with a plywood veneered table richly decorated with inlays.

-fa mitchell

The Coderscape is 3 dimensional.

The Coderscape: walls are writing surfaces. Every area is an area for collaboration.