3201 Morganford Moves Forward

JEMA continues to develop the Tower Grove South neighborhood with a new Mixed-Use Building at Morganford Road and Wyoming Street. The new design will include keeping and renovating the 3 story historic structure at 3201 Morganford and creating a new 4 story “addition” to the south. The project will have approx. 30 apartments and street level retail. Amenities include a fitness center, entertainment lounge, bike storage and repair room and dog wash station.

The design is a juxtaposition of historic and modern. Each building compliments and balances each other. The aesthetic juxtaposition is symbolic of St. Louis’ historical legacy and aspiring future.

With St. Louis being long known as a “brick town”, JEMA is utilizing an uncommon brick for this project: the Roman brick. Brick making is nearly 7000 years old, but the Romans introduced the kiln firing of bricks. Before that, bricks were essentially mud blocks that were dried in the sun. After the collapse of the Roman Empire (with the exception of Italy), brick making disappeared for 700 years. After its “reintroduction” to other parts of Europe, notably France, the brick shape and dimensions began to change from region to region. The original Roman brick: thin, long (up to 33” long in some cases) and most often stamped with the brick-makers “seal”, had long disappeared. A shorter, smaller brick came into favor as it was easier to manufacture, handle and lay. McKim, Mead & White, in the 1800’s, brought the Roman brick to the US and Frank Lloyd Wright made it a signature brick for his work.

Brick from the Roman Empire with its stamp indicating the owner and location.

Roman brick layered to form an arch
View along Morganford looking north – brick “boxes” cascade along the facade.
Example of Roman brick and coloration.
Example of Roman brick and coloration.
View along Morganford looking south – existing historic building is in the foreground.
Historic building juxtaposed with new structure.