What Is Your Face Value?

Transforming a 1970’s building is a difficult design challenge: how far do you go? what do you keep?

How does one go about creating a total transformation with the fewest and most impactful moves possible? JEMA’s architectural strategy for Clayton Plaza is to create a new face.

Yes, that’s right: a new face. The strategy is to focus on the building’s elevation along Clayton Road, especially its entry and plaza which are the key features of its “face.”

JEMA’s design for 7700 and 7750 Clayton Plaza centers around revitalizing the building’s face. A new two-story glass box entry volume is situated between the two flanking office wings. The existing plaza is rejuvenated through new retail and lighting. A new paint scheme divides the building into 5 different gradients going from dark to light towards the entry.

Construction has begun on the 65,000 sq. ft. structure and is slated to be complete by early 2017.