Can You Sink the 8 Ball?

What is the real estate, architectural, and construction equivalent of sinking the 8 ball? Even better, of sinking all 7 balls simultaneously, including the 8 ball?

How about designing and building 8 different libraries in 3 counties in 8 different towns?…simultaneously?! Scenic Regional Library is doing just that…and construction has begun.

Scenic Regional Library’s master plan to build 6 new, ground-up libraries and renovate and add on to 2 existing libraries is finally underway. Construction has begun on the Owensville and New Haven, MO branches, with the other 5 branches soon to follow. The 8th branch, located in Union, MO, will be the largest of all 8 branches. JEMA is the architect of record, interior designer, and planner for all 8 projects.

The undertaking by Scenic Regional is unprecedented. Scenic Regional began the process by analyzing the specific needs of 8 different communities in 3 different counties. The next step was purchasing real estate. Multiple sites were analyzed for size, location, infrastructure, and cost. Eventually, 5 new sites were purchased. The design work then began on each library simultaneously. And now, the construction is beginning on 7 libraries. The 8th branch, located in Union, MO, is currently in design.

No wonder Scenic Regional Library was named Library of the Year in 2015, and Steve Campbell, the Director, was named Librarian of the Year in 2017 by the Missouri Library Association. Way to go SRL!