What Attracts Best in Class?

If you’ve ever visited San Gimignano or Verucchio or Roca Madour in Europe, you will find the most inviting of retail experiences..and not because of the specific stores, but because of the scale and proportion of these historic villages. The richness and beauty of the space pulls you into a different world. JEMA’s design for the new Shops at Tesson Ridge, a mixed-use development located on Tesson Ferry Road in St. Louis, MO, is organized like a small European village from earlier eras. The buildings are angled and positioned next to each other to create a lively combination of outdoor spaces, nooks and plazas. The non-orthogonal geometry creates a unique series of retail environments where the shopping experience is rich, warm and inviting. The new retail village is integrated into the development along with new residences and an adaptive re-use of an existing office into luxury apartments. The mixed-use development also incorporates the natural features of the site: a lake, walking trails and woodlands.