Sana Lake Opens Its Doors

Sana Lake Recovery has opened its doors in Dittmer, MO.  JEMA designed the new 24,000 sq. ft. treatment center, which is a full renovation of an existing structure.  The facility now includes individual private suites, a dining center, multiple gathering rooms, administrative and counseling offices, and a detox center.

Sana Lake was featured by KMOV for taking a new approach in treating addiction and saving lives.  At its new world-class facility, the center views detox as the beginning of the recovery journey.  This longer-term outlook on treatment is most often seen at treatment centers in California and Florida.  Sana Lake is one of the few in the Midwest with this approach.


Also featured in Ladue News, the 55-acre campus includes two bodies of water and walking trails in a setting intended to connect members to their surroundings and to nature.  All 22 bedrooms at the center face the lake.