Zone Enterprises

JEMA first began working with Zone Enterprises in 2015, studying several options for how best to renovate the office portion of their 256,000 sq. ft. facility.  Ultimately, it was decided to complete a full interior renovation of the original office building to create a new corporate headquarters.

JEMA’s design focuses on opening the interior for a more communal setting, and utilizes glass demountable partitions to bring natural daylight throughout the space. The renovation also embraces the brick walls and timber roof structure of the building, complemented by industrial finishes that highlight Zone Enterprise’s manufacturing operation.  The building’s original timber structure and plank ceiling (long hidden by dropped ceilings) is exposed, along with the existing original brick.  Glass walls, steel cladding, and quartz millwork combine with the existing palette to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Zone Enterprises, led by CEO Scott Zone, is a third-generation family business that produces components for the automotive and heating and air conditioning industries, among others. A national leader in custom engineered gaskets and seals, when auto plants shut down due to COVID-19, Zone changed their production lines to produce plastic face shields and protective gear for first responders and healthcare workers.

St. Louis, MO
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