United Bags

United Bags, one of the nation’s leading providers of agricultural and industrial bags, has relocated their national headquarters to Creve Coeur, MO. They purchased the existing 180,000 sq. ft “Bauer Building” at the intersection of Bauer Road and North Warson Road.

The project involved gutting the entire facility and re-cladding the exterior. The 1960’s modern building is completely renovated and rejuvenated. The JEMA team worked together with United Bags to develop a unique office environment. We created an internal “Main Street” where all the work spaces (offices, work stations, teaming areas, work cafe, board room and fitness room) are directly connected to the main circulation spine. Running the entire length of the building, the Main Street and its spaces simulate an actual street where people interact, intersect, and connect with each other throughout the work day. The design challenges every space to be more than its label; for example, the lobby waiting area is also a collaboration space for employees and clients. JEMA’s design is a study in contrasts. We combined re-purposed wood from rural Missouri and the existing concrete warehouse floor with floor to ceiling glass and aluminum storefronts. The glass walls are angled creating a rhythm and cadence as employees circulate back and forth along Main Street. The contrast of materials and striking colors creates a “cool” warmth throughout the entire office.