The Reserve in Augusta

The Reserve in Augusta is a fourteen acre private winery located in the heart of Missouri wine country. The existing site contained a house and an original brick barrel-vaulted wine cellar that was built in 1895. The cellar was structurally unsafe and buried by a century of neglect. The owners’ original intent was to construct a new winery, but after looking at multiple options for a new structure, the team decided to keep and renovate the existing house and cellar. The historic restoration was enabled by a single photograph from the early 1900’s showing the family standing in front of the original home and cellar entrance.

New infrastructure, foundations, waterproofing, insulation, and cladding were required to create a modern winery and event space. The cellar was dismantled and rebuilt historic brick by historic brick. The house and cellar are a beautiful and poetic testimony to the power of historic restoration. The rich history of Missouri’s wine-making region and the memory of the original house and cellar are transformed and infused with new purpose and life.

Augusta, MO
Project Date
6,000 sq. ft.