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The project is a new Fire Station adjacent to the City of Glendale’s historic firehouse, previously constructed in 1915. It provides brand new facilities for the fire department and relocates both city hall and the police station to the historic building. The new fire station draws on the strength of the historic building entrenched as a community-focused mainstay by emulating its façade in terms of scale, material, and form. The design premise simplifies the brick gable façade of the historic fire station and surrounding neighborhood residences into two extruded gable forms.

In addition to the form of the building itself, the project strives to programmatically connect the new station to the public realm via informal gathering space near the street. Drawing upon the namesake “Glen” and “Dale” of the City of Glendale, it cuts into the glen’s hillside toward the rear of the building and fractures the site into a series of terraces by the street. Low limestone walls articulate the terrace edges, giving the municipal complex new seating opportunities for large community gatherings in between the historic building and the new fire station.

Between the attention to historic form and programmatic connection to the surroundings, the building is grounded within the City of Glendale as a new core for community gathering.

Glendale, MO
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