Edward Jones World Headquarters

The Lantern

Edward Jones’ new global headquarters, located in St. Louis, MO, is directly adjacent to their original headquarters which is the iconic Community Federal building designed by HOK in the 1960’s. The new headquarters anchors the prominent intersection of Highway 270 and Manchester Road.

The new building’s orientation is rotated 45 degrees to the street and matches the original site geometry of the Community Federal building. A glass “cube” is centrally located which connects the existing building to the new headquarters. The glass “cube” contains the main entry as well as a 500-seat, double-tiered auditorium.

Extending from the glass “cube” on either side are three-story glass causeways that connect the existing building and the new headquarters. The causeways are transparent; emblematic of Edward Jones’s culture of transparency. Each “leg” of the causeway is both an internal and exterior circulation route, inviting people to the main entry from the adjacent parking structure and connecting the existing building, the glass cube, and the new headquarters.

The high-performance envelope is conceived as a series of sunscreens attached to a glass skin. The causeway elements incorporate a loggia sunscreen, while the main building has vertical and horizontal sun-blades that decrease solar heat gain.

The building’s top floor is set back from the lower floors and is entirely clad in glass. A cantilevered aluminum thin-blade roof creates the necessary solar protection.

The concept of the glass cube, causeways, and top floor is two-fold: during the day, they are transparent volumes that allow the building to be filled with sunlight. At night, these three volumes act as lanterns, anchoring the area and providing a symbol of transparency and openness to everyone in the community.

John Mueller was the Project Designer for this project while working at a previous firm.

St. Louis, MO
Project Date
225,000 sq ft