Edward Jones Training Center

Detail Matters

The Edward Jones Training Center located at Dorsett and 270 in St. Louis, MO is Edward Jones’ central training facility. The building is composed of 3 distinct elements connected by a 4 story atrium. The north volume is 4 stories and contains offices, the South volume is 9 stories and contains the bulk of the training areas and the East volume is 1 story and contains a large gathering space.

At 9 stories, the building is the tallest on Edward Jones’ North Campus and can be seen for miles. The sophisticated detailing is the hallmark of this building and sets it apart from its other corporate peers. The building’s powerful design, function, and performance are the cumulative sum of its details.

Performance and precision go hand-in-hand to make this structure a reflection of the mission and culture of Edward Jones. From a mile or a yard away, the building has a richness and subtlety that spring from its materiality, clean lines, and elegant detailing.

Jon Emert was the Project Architect responsible for creating and executing the technical delivery of this facility while working for a previous firm.

St. Louis, MO
Project Date
301,000 sq ft