Amerinet (INTALERE)

Amerinet’s new corporate headquarters design is simultaneously the product of a singular vision to dramatically change the company’s culture, a response to a damaging hail storm, and the result of many months of collaboration with JEMA.

When they began working with JEMA, Amerinet—a leading national healthcare solutions organization—was experiencing “culture fatigue.” The company’s values and desired culture was not reflected in their existing office environment. After a hail storm destroyed the roof of their existing building and flooded a large portion of the interior, Amerinet knew it was time for a new headquarters.

JEMA performed an extensive programming effort that was part listening, part observation, and part investigation. We uncovered the specific workplace needs of many departments, and discovered that all of the employees yearned for a more open, light, and dynamic work environment.

JEMA was able to significantly reduce the square footage while at the same provide additional capacity by incorporating an “egalitarian shift”; offices were moved to the interior of the space while open benching, lounges, and work stations were placed along the perimeter, giving the majority of the employees an abundance of sunlight and views. An open work café and collaboration spaces, dubbed “co-labs”, are sprinkled throughout the space to foster communication. The resulting headquarters represents a dramatic evolution of Amerinet’s work environment, which has fostered and enhanced communication, employee satisfaction, and productivity.

St. Louis, MO
Project Date
16,880 sq ft