JEMA Sparks Curiosity In Next Gen

JEMAtes provided a summer “bootcamp” for Ferguson-Florissant School District’s STEAM Academy at McCluer South-Berkeley High School, a STEAM program with a rigorous and accelerated learning environment.  We set forth the challenge – drop an egg from a 20-ft. balcony without letting it break.  The group of 60 incoming freshmen immediately got to work.  Using only the limited supplies provided, they set out to solve a problem, design a solution, and test their construction.  Each team presented their design strategy to the group and a lively egg drop competition ensued.  Applause and laughter rang out as various “cracks” were heard when the eggs collided with the ground.  An impressive 11 out of 16 teams designed and constructed contraptions that protected their precious cargo – keeping their egg intact!

Winners received JEMA’s “golden egg” awards, custom-made in-house on our 3D printer.  Each student also received a commemorative custom-made medal.

JEMA is honored to be the architectural partner of Ferguson-Florissant School District.  Furthermore, we are proud to collaborate with the district in our educational partnership, which is designed to introduce young people to architecture and engineering as a career pathway.  And bring some joy along the way!