JEMA Creates Juxtapose

JEMA’s new mixed-use building in the Tower Grove area is an addition to an existing historic building located at Wyoming and Morganford Street. The new design pays contextual homage to the existing structure while maintaining its own modern identity. The composition is a juxtaposition of historic and new architecture that creates a dynamic residence where different eras of design compliment each other.

Aston Martin: 2020 DB11 and 1965 DB5
Time’s Square: 1931 and Now
The new facade along Morganford is the same height and material (brick) as the existing historic structure.
A metal clad “L” caresses the existing building forming a neutral backdrop that highlights the historic structure.
The new brick is a gradient from black to light grey creating a rich texture that is deferential to the historic building.
The 4th floor steps back to maintain the historic 3 story height along Morganford Street.

The Juxtapose is not static. The facade is a dynamic gradient of color and texture that moves and shifts as one moves along it.

Similarly, light falls across a textured surface leaving a gradient of lighter and darker colors.
And as light falls across a landscape, the foreground is the darkest and most visible while the background fades in color and focus.
The building’s brick pattern is a gradient from light grey to charcoal grey. The brick field is punctuated with black glazed bricks and LED light fixtures that are the dimension of a brick.
The gradient goes from dark to light brick as it moves towards the existing historic structure, paying homage to St. Louis’ rich history.