JEMA Completes 75th Cafe for Panera Bread

Reinventing retail dining is no easy task.

Humans are social beings and as such, JEMA’s main design approach is to facilitate connecting people to each other and to their communities. Digital gaming, shopping and working still cannot match human-to-human interaction. Historically, places like the Ancient Greek Agora or Roman Forum or Town Square were created not only for people to get food and other products, but to meet, engage, discuss and socially be together. Enjoying being with one another.

Replicating the concepts and ideas behind these timeless institutions is essential if retail is to survive and thrive. By creating a rich and inviting environment which encourages people to stay connected, design can contribute to something bigger….building community.

The human side of the dining experience is not just a social priority, but also an economic one. Making places where people want to gather and “hang out” is the essential socio-economic ingredient for long-term sustainable development.

JEMA delivers innovative retail design that re-imagines space to deliver experiences that consumers can’t find anywhere else.

JEMA has collaborated with Panera Bread to create cafes across the United States. Our collaboration with Panera Bread has resulted in new cafes in Nevada, Virginia, Georgia, Minnesota, Wyoming, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington DC, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, California, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Mexico and Idaho…and Missouri too!

We are proud to partner with Panera Bread in creating over 75 cafes from coast to coast.