I Smile To My Eyes

There is a classic Zen Buddhist meditation that involves realizing the profundity of sight. In the meditation, one closes your eyes, touches your eyelids and says internally: “I smile to my eyes”.

When designing the new Eyecare Partners Center in St. Charles, MO, JEMA focused on the way light is received by the eye. The southeast and east facades of the building are clad in glass which allows for an abundance of natural light. Additionally, JEMA designed a series of perforated, vertical blades attached to each mullion. The blades reduce the heat gain and glare from the sun, allowing for evenly distributed, diffused daylight to enter the space….making our eyes smile.

The 21,000 sq. ft. facility is slated to be complete by the 4th quarter 2020.

“My eyes make me happy. I smile to my eyes”. A simple meditation to realize the profundity of our ability to see the world.
Eyecare Partners Center – vertical perforated solar blades diffuse the sun light.
Example of solar blades
Solar blades will diffuse 50% of the sunlight.
Main entry is glass and anodized aluminum panels.
Example of solar blades