Construction Begins on Rockwell Beer Garden In Francis Park

As steel posts are installed, the new Rockwell Beer Garden in Francis Park quite literally takes shape before our eyes.  JEMA is thrilled to be the designer of another exciting project that will have a transformative effect on its surrounding area.

Rockwell Beer Garden is the first of its kind in St. Louis. It aims to reactivate the park as a community space with a multi-faceted food-and-beverage concept.

A historic existing structure within the park is being renovated to become the hub for the large, open-air beer garden with patios wrapping around the building.

Originally a 1929 era “comfort center” intended to provide respite for park visitors, the building will be restored to much of its original appearance.

“Part of a good quality of life is good coffee in the morning and beer at night.”
– Chris Hulse, co-owner, Rockwell Beer Company as quoted in St. Louis Magazine