Ranken Technical College celebrated the ribbon-cutting of the new Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center. The new facility is essentially a series of hi-tech “maker spaces” where students work with local companies to “learn and earn”. JEMA’s design is a Euclidean tale where the Diagonal is the main protagonist. Yes, the rhombus, the cuboid and even convex polyhedron are there, but the Diagonal is the scene stealer!

“The building will directly support pre-apprentice training, apprenticeship training and entrepreneurial start-ups, as well established industries. Additionally, several training programs will utilize the facility. Initial employment will be 80-100 students. Participating industries receive low cost manufacturing services/products, while directly participating in training/education of potential future employees. Beyond the application of fundamental technology skills, advanced students will participate in the operation of the work cell including areas of logistics, human resources, finance, and quality assurance.  It is a win-win for all participants!” – Ranken Technical College

Euclid of Alexandria: the father of geometry…the creator of the diagonal.