Color Art Cuts Their Ribbon

“Whatever space and time mean, place and occasion mean more. For space in the image of man is place, and time in the image of man is occasion.”  – Aldo Van Eyck, 1962

I remember reading Aldo Van Eyck, the great Dutch architect who died in 1999, back in college. His work and his essays were a huge influence on me as a young student. His work eschewed abstract theory in favor of real place-making. He influenced generations of architects from Herman Hertzberger, Rem Koolhaas to Bjarke Ingels.

When JEMA began our collaboration with Color Art on their new office, the theme of “place and occasion” became central to the design. There is enormous power in place-making to foster innovation and community and hence a fertile, joyful culture.

James Ludwig, Steelcase’s Global Design Director, got it right when he said:

“No one space can support the changing ways in which people need to work today. That’s why Steelcase designers recommend an ecosystem of spaces that integrate people, place and technology to support the individual and the organization. People can fluidly shift from one type or work to another based on what they need to get done.

We’ve blurred the ways we work and when we work. It’s time to blur the edges of what we’ve traditionally considered the workplace. Spaces that blend design and materiality without compromising performance can inspire new ways of thinking and fueling creativity.”
— James Ludwig