Beast Craft BBQ Comes to St. Louis

Beast Craft BBQ is at long last opening a St. Louis location in the Grove. Originally from Belleville, IL, Beast has created a reputation as one of the region’s top restaurants. The new restaurant will be called BEAST Butcher & Block

JEMA is the architect and interior designer for their new restaurant located at 4156 Manchester Avenue in The Grove. The new restaurant will be 6,000 sq. ft. and seat over 100.

“The new location will feature “The Butchery” and “The Skullery” for customers. “The Butchery” will be a full-service butcher shop where customers can buy raw meats, prepared meals, fresh produce and baked goods from local purveyors. “The Skullery” will be a cross between “a chef’s table concept and a research and development kitchen” and will allow Sandusky’s team to collaborate with local chefs and pitmasters to seat up to 35 guests for a “unique dining experience,” according to the release.“Since late 2014, we’ve kept our heads down and focused on simple methods with incredible meats,” Sandusky said in the release. “We are the underdogs from Belleville who changed the game. We’re asked all of the time, ‘what’s next?’ The Grove is next. BEAST Butcher & Block represents an ambitious escalation of our passion for product and community. We’re not interested in being like anyone else, and The Grove shares those values.” ”
— From the Belleville News Democrat, Press Release