Why Fast Matters.

Last year we were invited to a holiday party for the staff and crew of Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District (NEAFPD). At the party, Chief Quinten Randolph gave out a series of awards to his firefighters and EMTs. The awards were for clinical saves. For those who don’t know, a clinical save is literally bringing someone back to life. When a person with no pulse and no breath is resuscitated and brought back to life, it is called a clinical save. That night, the Chief handed out 18 awards for clinical saves that happened over the course of the year.

Why does fast matter?

Well, besides the firefighters’ and EMTs’ expertise and skill, the other essential factor in making a clinical save possible is time… more specifically, seconds.

JEMA’s design is based on seconds. There are a lot of important aspects of this new mission-critical facility, but the design “around time” is perhaps its single most important attribute.

For example, our new station design has two stairs and two fire poles that directly feed the Apparatus Bay, giving each firefighter and EMT professional multiple choices for a direct and nearly immediate route to the apparatus.

Each space within the station is designed with those precious seconds in mind.