Ranken Features Microenterprise Partnership

In their 2016 Annual Report, Ranken featured JEMA in their “Real World Skills + Training = Success” article as “the first company in Ranken’s Architectural Technology Microenterprise.”

JEMA worked with Ranken students, guiding the construction of a scale model for the fire station and city hall expansion project with the City of Glendale. The article focuses on Ranken’s education-business partnerships that allow their students to learn and earn money in the real world while attending school, and featured a quote from our own architect Steve Hoover:

“The students we partnered with were eager to learn, excited to be working with us on a real project, and very attentive to detail. This Architectural Technology partnership is a success and a win all around, benefiting our firm, expanding what Ranken offers, and providing real-world, hands-on professional experience for students.”

We are delighted with our experience as part of this program and look forward to partnering with Ranken on similar opportunities in the future. See below for a gallery of images of the City of Glendale model, created with the help of the Ranken students.