Architecture Inspires Young Grasshoppers

The young students in the Grasshopper room at Urban Sprouts in University City, MO  (learn more about this project here) recently sent us a letter sharing their excitement about the new Child Development Center project.

The preschoolers, who were shown some renderings of the design, worked together on some pretty amazing models, created with blocks and Legos, as they imagined what the school might look like. They expressed their particular excitement for both the slide and the library.

The students also had some insightful questions for us. Architect Steve Hoover and apprentice architect Thad Martin stopped by the center recently to meet the Grasshoppers and answer some of their questions directly.

We are thrilled to be a part of inspiring the next generation of architects to think about what impact building and design have on our everyday lives!

Check out the full letter below: