Support Dogs, Inc. Is Now Under Construction

We are happy to announce that Support Dogs, Inc. (SDI) new headquarters has started construction. SDI is a national non-for-profit organization that breeds, trains, and provides highly skilled assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities. The new facility is a 21,000 sq. ft., one-story building that will house SDI’s administrative offices, dog training, and dog care/grooming areas. JEMA was selected by SDI and Kozeny Wagner as the planner, architect and interior designer for the new campus. SDI is an amazing organization and we are proud to be their partners.

The building is located on a 4-acre parcel. The site is specifically designed to be an outdoor play and training area for all of SDI’s specially trained dogs. The area is divided into four separate dog training yards. There are also outdoor kennels that are shaded by a shade structure. A client viewing terrace is located at the end of the building’s main circulation spine.

In addition to being a home for the staff of SDI, the building is also home for the canine “staff.” JEMA designed a custom kennel area that is composed of concrete block and stainless steel kennels that have automatic refill water bowls, natural ventilation and an abundance of daylight. The kennel area opens directly to the outdoor play and training area.

Directly off the entry lobby are the indoor dog training rooms where clients will work with trainers one-on-one to get to know their new dog. The indoor training rooms are divided by operable partitions that allow for the creation of a  large event space for SDI’s fundraising gatherings and other community events.

The new facility is truly a project without precedent. The building functions as an office, kennel, veterinarian’s office, grooming and care center, training center, and event space. All of the parts come together to create a special healing environment that provides a unique home for SDI and “man’s best friend.”