Eggs in Space

Jon McKee and Steve Hoover represented JEMA at the St. Louis Design Week’s “Eggs in Space” competition on September 23, benefiting Adams Elementary School. Teams had one hour to design and build a structure to protect their egg when dropped from various heights in host SPACE Architecture’s parking lot.

Venturing away from the traditional trash bag parachute, JEMA based their design on the maple tree’s helicopter seed pod. Discussing the design process for the structure, Jon McKee, the lead designer, said, “The idea ‘JEMAnated’ from our desire to do something different than the typical parachute.”

The design worked, surviving the first round 15-foot drop. The egg suffered a fatal crack on the 20-foot drop when a wayward breeze sabotaged an otherwise successful design.

JEMA took home the “Golden Huevos” award (see attached photo with proud winners Jon and Steve) for the most daring design. More photos