JEMA’s design goal is to create places that promote and enhance our social, economic, and environmental well-being.


Designing environments that are focused on our clients' dreams and aspirations, rooted in region and place, and connected to nature, is our central and guiding philosophy. All of our work, training, and research strive to achieve a sense of well-being and positivity in our clients, our communities, and our world.


We believe that listening and understanding lead to transformation, and are the pathways to creativity and innovation.


We start every project with a quiet oath and awareness to listen first. Superior service and personal attention for every client is achieved by our focus on the profound act of "true listening." We believe that the best ideas spring from an engaging and collaborative design process with clients and consultants.  Within this collaborative framework, we provide client leadership that is customized, thoughtful and joyful.

Life is fundamentally one.
— Arne Naess


We work with the knowledge that we are all fundamentally connected, and that what we do affects everyone and everything else on a regional and global scale.