Scenic Regional Library Unveils Design for Union, MO

JEMA's design for Scenic Regional Library's new Union, MO branch is approved and moving forward. The 26,000 sq. ft., one-story structure is slated to begin construction in May of this year.

The design incorporates a series of diagonal lines that cut through the orthogonal geometry of the building. The diagonal lines open up towards the ends of the building to create large glass corners. 

180412_UNION BRANCH v1.jpg

The south wall of the library angles back at a diagonal, creating an outdoor space and shade from the orthogonal roof


The diagonal: it shapes and at the same time breaks our understanding of the "grid"

180412_UNION BRANCH v4.jpg

Three diagonal roofs comprise the landscape of the new library


The diagonal is the is what draws the eye

180412_UNION BRANCH v3.jpg

Diagonal lines in elevation, plan and section and even the shadows, all come together at the entry facade


The grid comes together to create the diagonal, or is it the reverse?