Announcing JEMA'S New HQ


The Twin Daughters Building, constructed in 1873, is a "hidden" gem


Facade facing Olive Street

JEMA recently purchased "The Twin Daughters Building" at 2823 Olive Street in St. Louis, MO. The historic structure was built in 1873 by a brick mason as a residence for his twin daughters. The 3 story, 7,150 sq. ft. historic building features 10 marble fireplaces and a 1950's warehouse addition in the rear. The building also includes the adjacent parking lot.

The building will be transformed into JEMA's new headquarters. The design concept for JEMA's new hq is to create a modern interior inhabiting the 145 year old brick and stone shell. The office will inhabit all 3 levels and will have a steel and wood workshop in the basement. The project is slated to be complete by mid-2019. 


2 copper-roofed bay windows characterize the south elevation


St. Louis in 1874 showcasing the new Eads Bridge. JEMA's Twin Daughters building at that time was in the rural countryside!


The palimpsest of a former entry, now a portal to the west terrace