JEMA Wins "Best in Show" for a Great Cause

Scott Clark, Don Fedorko, Jon McKee, and Adolfo Maalindog holding BEST IN SHOW award at the Steelcase Holiday Party

On Tuesday night Steelcase hosted their holiday party, which featured their 9th Annual Wreath Menorah Ornament Competition. It is for a great cause with all the proceeds going to Friends of Kids with Cancer Foundation. Congratulations to our JEMA team for winning the BEST IN SHOW and BEST MENORAH. 


Menorah conceptual sketches

In process at the shop

Winning this competition is a great feeling, but there is also something more to it. Great design comes in all sizes and shapes. What is small is actually big.


In process - horizontal slots where the "candles" are stored

Our approach to the Wreath Menorah Ornament Competition is no different than our approach to a building design. The level of passion, research, development, detail, creativity and craftsmanship that we bring to a small project is indicative of our overall design approach and philosophy.


Open end and cap: Transparent shafts are lit with a hidden LED fixture and stored in the walnut base

The walnut base

Transparent "candles" are lit with an LED fixture embedded in the walnut base. The tops and sides are etched

What is revealed in these "small" moments is the "big" picture. 

The JEMA Menorah

Congratulations to the JEMA core team: Jon McKee, Scott Clark, Thad Martin, Adolfo Maalindog, and Don Fedorko of Improveyes (a great friend to JEMA).