Eating & Designing Clean

Panera recently selected JEMA as their design partner for the development of their new cafe prototype. As Panera continues their expansion into new markets, they wanted to work with an architecture firm that not only provided excellent service, but also understood the singularity of Panera's brand.

Panera Bread, Tulalip, Washington

Douglas Fir

JEMA is working with Panera to develop a new generation of cafes that will reflect the evolution of their brand and culture.  

Douglas Fir, Iron Spot Brick and Zinc Exterior Cladding

Iron Spot Brick

JEMA collaborated with Panera on the core and shell of the new prototype design for Tulalip, Washington. The 4,300 sq. ft. cafe's design is a marked shift from the previous generation of cafes.    

Gabion walls with Douglas Fir wood bench for outdoor seating.


Zinc "blade" with Panera logo.

The material palette is simple and clean: Wood (Douglas Fir), Zinc, and an Iron Spot Brick. The aesthetics are new, but the new look mimics the company's decades-old philosophy of inviting customers into a warm and comfortable environment.